The big 1-8! I'M OLD!!

Yes, it's official.
I'm prehistoric.

The most lovely cake grandmother so graciously made for me..
here comes the cake...
I'M OLD!!!

And what exactly did I get may I ask?
A marvy Nikon P500!
Yes...I die.
Thanks mother,father, and grandparents!!!
It was a most fantastic birthday!! And so begins my life as an adult...so long  sweet adolescence!

Sorry that I haven't been able to post any pictures from this lovely instrument of photograph taking wonder but our 500 million year old Personal Computer is again having problems of all shapes,sizes, and walks of troubleshoots!! And so we wait...

1 comment:

miranda said...

1. That cake is simply beautiful
2. I really need to see the new pictures!
3. That is all
4. I love you a tons