David Archuletta is officially my favorite...

(Cassidy I pretty much dedicate this post to you...haha...)
So a long while back when I lived in Mesa Arizona, David came and spoke at our stake (Mesa Central) at a fireside. Well, it was just say for lack of better words completely amazing (plus no big deal or anything, I played prelude for him with Cassidy Brown)!!! He has an amazing testimony and it was just an incredible experience...BUT the next day many people at church (young men...cough cough...) were saying that he was a bad example because he was choosing music (which he said was his mission) over a traditional mission. I will admit I was disappointed that he didn't get the opportunity to serve because he is world renown but I understood it....unlike some other people who thought he chose fame over service. I kind of just want to say to those people that they were WRONG because they are... David did make the choice to go on a mission in the end and I'm pretty much delighted with him!!