Family Christmas Card Preview

 My mother has banned me from posting any of the cute pictures until the first, but I think I can show the outtakes as a little preview until then!!! 

Feast your eyes upon the craziness that is Willis.

 Sibling love...yes, it did hurt, thanks for asking.

 Okay so this picture is pretty much my ALL TIME favorite because it's one of those photos that just sums up everyone's personality in a nut shell! Mom is stressing over something, probably Lauren who is turned around doing whatever it is that Lauren does, Dad is angry and just about to yell and someone for something, Vance is dazed playing with a yo-yo, I'm playing with my hair just as vain as ever, and Matthew is...well Matthew.

All photo credit goes to the wonderful Chum's (Mama + Rachel)!
Editing by yours truly!
 Merry Christmas!!!

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Stephanie Laurie said...

Hahahaha, Taylor that last photo is priceless!! Adorable♥