Princess Diaries: A Very Royal Christmas

 This holiday season has been a VERY ESPECIALLY BUSY one for me!!!Particularly in the realm of royalty and queenly duties. We just had our wonderful festival volunteer's Christmas party this evening! It was a lot of fun and the white elephant gift exchange was positively superb (you see, usually I get stuck with some lame gift like BBQ sauce or a used mug BUT this year I scored the prize of the night...a dancing, singing, TURKEY HAT!!! you may have seen them at Walmart....well it's pretty much amazing and I think I'm obsessed and may where it every occasion I can....)!!! The royalty was also given very special gifts from our wonderful head royalty mom Lynn ( positviely L♥VE/ ADORE her) and also our pictures from throughout the year (so I may be blogging for the next while royalty stuff GALORE!!! Anyways hopefully I'll find some pictures from tonight and post them but as for now nada!
Royalty also had the chance to be in our own private parade throughout Sequim with none other than the fat man himself....SANTA. I am bragging when I say I got to sit by him in a convertible on the way to the function!!!! SO FUN!! We had a splendid time helping children meet Santa and we all loved hearing the different things kids would say....

Practically BFFs....no big deal....

Stay merry and bright-

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