Doctor Who

Within the realms of blogging and online nerdy meandering, I had heard much about this Doctor Who. Only two days ago did I decide to  flip on over to BBC America and watch an episode... and oh my good goodness- I think I'm in love! The very first episode I encounter was " The Time of Angels", somewhere near the beginning of  season 5 (or should I say 31). I was a tad confused at first (until I did some research into the back story and also because I missed the first three episodes in the season**) but still I watched and adored. I was initially hooked because of  the "cheesy effects, bow ties with elbow patches, British accents, witty dialog, [and it being so incredibly] scifi/fantasy" (direct quote from Twitter) and now that I've begun, I just can't stop watching Mr. Matt Smith in all his Time Lord splendor ( I know many a person loves previous Doctors but Matt Smith is just my positive favorite!) Can't wait to finish this season and the next... thank you NETFLIX!

**In a state of stupor about Doctor Who?
Consider these refrences:
Episode Order-
General Overview-
 About the Eleventh Incarnation-


Abbi said...

This is the best news I've heard all day. New Doctor Who fans make the world go round.
You absolutely should go back though...the new seasons just won't mean as much without the history.
Matt Smith is completely wonderful, but David Tennant is just as fabulous.
Can't wait to hear what you think of it once you watch more :)

Taylor said...

Hahah! I certainly will Abbi! And I hope soon to have many a fangirl chat about this!!

miranda said...

This certainly does fill my little nerd heart with splendor! Definitely going to have to be one of our college time wasting activities...

Taylor said...

Yes, yes it certainly will!