Hitting rock bottom...or so to speak.

 Sometimes, you are trapped inside your house for a WEEK with nothing to do but procrastinate (done and done), work for (literally) days on a notebook hoping that somehow I will get funds to attend school, and best of all: slowly turning, like a caterpillar in a cocoon, into one of the world's renown sci-fi nerds,( "Yeah, well, it's a big club. We should get T-shirts."-- Doctor 11. Case in point.)
I'm talking wanting to go to ComicCon status!

Exhibit A, B, and C.

I'm a terrible crafting, thrifting dork ( you see I made all this stuff...except for the tee shirt, but that's another story)! For the love of jammie dodgers, what am I becoming?!!!
Honestly I don't know, BUT I did finish this flippin' notebook:

 a very nearly half crazed, cabin fever inflicted


miranda said...

I love your shirt/cardigan ensemble! i really just miss you!

Abbi said...

Taylor, PLEASE LOVE that I have embroidered a very similar "bowties are cool." I also recently found DW patterns and embroidered a TARDIS. And that shirt is divine.

Taylor said...

Oh my goodness!! NO FLIPPIN' WAY!! You must show me these creations you speak of!! It's official...DW inspired crafts are seriously the best.