The mutual theme this year  is found in D&C 115:5- 
" Arise and shine forth that thy light may be a standard for all nations" 
I absolutely adore the theme this year because it is (and can be) relateable to members and nonmembers of the church alike. It is a call to action for people (especially youth) to stand for good in the world, to rise up from the corruption that we see daily , the injustice, prejudice, and be that example of righteousness that the world needs! There's enough junk in the world already so don't add to it-be the solution!

Inspired by the theme, one of the things the youth in our ward is doing is passing around this flash light. Each person gets it for one week before passing it on to someone else that needs a little more light in their life. While in possession of the  flashlight it must be kept on hand at all times (as a reminder) and when we have it we have to look extra hard for ways we can brighten someone else's day or share our light with them! 

I encourage you to watch the video I posted (it's really neat and it was filmed in Laie- hopefully my potential school) it has a great message and it's just kind of  lovely! 


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