I'm proud to say that is outfit is entirely half-ly from Good Will! This wonderful formless army-ish green top once had gosh awful shoulder pads in it, which I immediately ripped out, and turned into a a lovely minimalist  clothing statement ( 4 bucks)- then paired with a simple set of black material covered pearls with gold beads in the middle ( also a Good Will find)- lastly I threw on a pair of comfy straight leggers (although they aren't jean), black flats and retro reporter style specs! I didn't really want to do my hair that day so up in a pony it went but to add some flair I just wrapped a piece of hair around the hair band to create the optical illusion that it was holding itself in a knot (tricky-ha!) Oh and I sketched a little picture for ya! 

These are a few of my own fashion favorites of this week. FIRSTLY: I ADORE my Gatsby tote from Barnes and Noble  and I wish I could take it with me everywhere!- only a dollar! Must get back there and get more book cover inspired totes! SECONDLY: I found these superb little sandals at a market in Honolulu for five bucks ( yes, five!)- they're excellently rubber and not at all authentic leather and I think perhaps that's what I love about them the most ( and the fact that I can wear socks with them ♥)...too irresistible to wait till summer to wear. THIRDLY: I love sketching and it's stinkin' fun to express the things I wear and my style through my little stick-ish people that take me thirty seconds to draw...so I might start sharing more of my doodles with you...!

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