This is why I don't read my fortune...

Usually your read a fortune or star sign  and get back all this garbage that you'll find true love and wealth in the near future blah, blah, blah, you'll live happily and prosper, yay good feeling...yeah they're sort of fun to read just for kicks but this one I got was just down right depressing and awful... WHAT IS THIS?! Fortunes aren't supposed to be so pessimistic!

"Today, dear Taylor, is something of a black hole. Emotionally, you seem to be on a path that inextricably leads to solitude and suffering. The Hanged Man and Death seem to bring you nothing but frustration and disillusionment – and that could easily lead to great sadness, or depression. You may have to opt for a big sacrifice. Or you may have to start again from zero, and head for a different direction. It’s all really up to you. At work, everything appears to be conspiring to thwart your plans - problems, obstacles and delays are mounting up until you feel powerless to do anything to resolve them. This tendency to feel discouraged is personified by the alliance of the Moon and the Hanged Man. Instead of sitting alone in your corner and tilting at windmills, why not ask for back-up. United we stand - today more than ever." 

See what I mean? Terrible!
I don't believe this crap...

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