Almost forgot to mention that I love this song....

Just saw Like Crazy over the weekend...I'm not sure how I really feel about the movie (it was terribly depressing and the ending...killed me inwardly...and I LOVED Felicity Jones in it because I've loved her acting since Northhanger Abbey but no I did not like Jen Lawerence in it...okay just her character....murderer of love...and that guy's pride...I wanted to slap him so many times...) but I did love how wonderfully indie/low budget/ real it was and of course the fact that Alex Kingston was in it!!!! ( I died a little at the thought of a hunger games character and doctor who character being in the same film together....like A LOT!) And how the guy (sorry my memory stinks majorly) made custom furniture...I want to make chairs now. But no I will not let some smooth talking European take my chairs away by buying me new ones...it's. not. happening.
Love the score big time! Particularly this song!

Now excuse me while I move to London.
p.s. I'm going to blog about important stuff soon-somuch to catch up on- I will do it! Promise. muwah!
p.s.s. I missed the Doctor Who Convention in England and died (I think now that's almost as many times as Rory...well..just maybe).

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