i love engaged people.

                             So as I've said before many of my friends seem to be getting married....
                                                     (ugh...another reminder of my old age...)

..... and I've been pretty excited about the fact that next month I am going to be a bride's maid  (just got our wedding getup all put together last week...ah!) for the first time in my friend Rachel's wedding (will post more about later)! Well they just had their engagement video made and it's just all kinds of adorable (not to mention just fabulous cinematography)  so I thought I'd share: 


Congrats you two cute kids!

My friend of life (literally knew her since wombage) just recently got engaged...officially (finally!)... and oh my goodness am I just delighted for her!! I'm also a bridesmaid in her wedding (officially first bridesmaid, second in command- ahaha) which is sometime in November! Yay!

I'm dying to go visit this two crazies and to finally get some plans underway!!

Dying of the cuteness that surrounds me!

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