In this week's outfit post I decided to take on the challenge of the (modern) classic jean jacket and patterned dress combo. When I went to my Grandpa's ward in Florida, I was shocked to see the vast amount of young women all sporting the exact same combination, you guessed it, jean jacket and patterned dress. My eyes refused to accept it and mixing a more interesting combo became my mission! So here you have it, the Taylor Willis jean and print combo- it's just something different. 

  •  Jean shirt-thrifted
  • Jean bow- Khol's 
  • Rope belt- Papyrus
  • Print Skirt- I made it !

It's kind of crazy, but why not!
that's all.


Abbi said...

taylor, you are completely adorable.

Taylor said...

Aw! Thanks so much Abbi!!!