One BIG Happy Wedding Post

The Shower

Co-Hosting! YAY!

 So for Rachel's Sequim Shower, Grace's friend Dede hosted whist Laura and I co-hosted! Let's talk food! So there was plenty a salad (let me tell you) we made around eight different salads in all- of all different flavors and ethnicities (very healthy)! Then there was some friken' fantastic punch (that I may have drunk a substantial amount of of-I do love my juices) as well as some really darling corn bread heart bites (corn bread can be adorable) and other breads of all varieties! Then of course there was the little lovely cake to go along with the couples over all theme of cherry blossoms.

 It wouldn't have been a bridal shower with out a plethora (that's for you Laura! Bahaha)  of wedding related games!! First we played shower gift bingo, by first putting down all the gifts you thought she would get, then if she opened something that you wrote down you marked it off until BINGO! Fun stuff! Then we played a very catchy game of "Who Said", Mama Chums would read a quote and we'd have to guess who said it, Chris or Rachel. I'll admit I pretty much died in both games but that's okay...

Soon it was time for the most interesting part of the evening....

Oh, man. Hahah! Talk about the funniest thing ever. I think she enjoyed it but I was sort of dying in side ( I'M SO YOUNG!) But I'll just say she is now very well stocked. End.

                                 Overall the evening was a success, we had a good turn out for Rachel and I think everyone had oh so much  fun! Yay!

 On a side note I found this on their fridge...

 We're in Utah, People!

  With no time to spare, Mama Chums, TERRY (Tash), Rachel, and I left right after the shower for UTAH! It was a long  drive up there but we arrived safe and sound! Oh yes and Terry likes to "Kiss me through the phone" New Zealand...that's all I'm saying! Bahaha!

 Everyone stayed in different places but I stayed with my Utah family (Uncle Ben and Aunt Laurie)!! Yay! 

So they took me to this amazing cupcake shop that you MUST go to if you are ever in Utah! It's kind of a big deal because they won Cup Cake Wars, if you don't know what that is....(sigh). SO DELISH! Basically when I move to Utah I'm going to gain 57 pounds in delicious food...

Just two of my crazy cute little cousins! 
Ryan and Mike...

 The days before wedding time, I went and check out BYU ( my future school)! My uncle and I finally (after much wandering and trying to figure out the ridiculous acronyms like SWKT) figured out where all my classes are and got a feel for the place as a potential student!

 And I found my SUMMA dorm....
look der' it is!! 

 I basically LOVE my summer dorm and I was super lucky enough to get a peek in side!! I LOVE IT! I have my own room and it's just a super nice little place. The only downside is it's a 25 minute walk from campus but hopeful *fingers crossed* I can score a dorky little mo-ped (no my parents won't let me get anything legit like a motorcycle...believe me I've tried)!

Speaking of food...
So have you ever heard of this neat little place called SUBZERO? Well basically you tell them what type of milk you want and what flavors and add inns AND THEN they use liquid nitrogen to turn it into a solid form of ICE CREAM!!! 

Yeah it blew my mind.

 The next day I got to take my turn with the jeep and go explore Provo all on my lonesome.
It was AWESOME....
and bouncy. 
And I've concluded that drivers in Utah ARE crazy. 
 On my way back I decided that I haven't eaten at this place in like two years (no In-N-Out's in Washington...) so I thought I'd grab some grease covered yumminess...

 This kills me.
 Then I saw scenery...

I did NOT  get to spend enough time with this girl!


 Then it was pre-wedding time!!! And you know what that means....BACHELORETTE PARTY!! First we got into down town Salt Lake and hit up our amazing hotel!
Lovely urban view.

Not to mention spinning doors!!

Then we were let loose in the city....
 Carriage Ride!!

 What we saw...

 This is "CHURCH" our driver...I'm basically in love with him (basically)...
He can sing somethin' fierce...
And he drives a carriage...
And he makes the bride stand up every time we pass a living soul...
We're basically best friends.
 "I'm getting married in the morning! Ding dong! 
                                               The bells are gonna chime. Pull out the stopper! 
                                          Let's have a whopper! But get me to the church on time!"

 Then we walked around the temple and scopped everything out for the big day...

 I met a nice young man there...he had a bow.

 He seemed nice...
 Time to get our crazy on...

 Laura secretly thinks she's Asian...
 Then we waited like an hour to get into Olive Garden...but it was nice.
 Laura doesn't enjoy my drawing of her....
 It wouldn't be a party with out VIRGIN daiquiris!!

 Then it was late...

 So we had a SPA PARTY!!!


 Pray tell me, which had is real?


 Rachel looking stunning!!

Yeah so then we got up early. Waited outside for the happy couple. Shouted for joy when they came out. Took tons of pictures (well the pro-did). And lost the van. Waited for 2.5 hours. Found the van. Then rushed to the reception!


 Fun-fetti, strawberry filling, three tiered, butter cream icing cake.

 Lovely dining area.
 Oh Katelyn!
 View from top.
 Dance floor
 Lovely grounds.


 If you've never tried these...I just don't know...YOU NEED TO!!!

 Photo BOOTH!!
 Center Pieces
(I adore this venue!)

 Katelyn steals my camera...

 She's pretty talented.

 The lovely bride herself!!


The reception was fabulous complete with dancing, bouquet throwing, cake cutting, etc. And at then end of the day the bride and groom drove off into the nighttime and the rest of us went home. 
The End.
(sorry this is a long-and not very edited-post)
Super Duper.

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