You knew I was going to...

(Cassidy Brown...sometimes you are my favorite person.)

Yes folks, this is my official Hunger Games post!

 So just like a billion other individuals, I went and saw the HG midnight premiere. 
And I was pretty stinkin' stoked!!

So ya'll probably don't want to hear my opinion on the movie because:
a. it's really long and I hyper-analyse every scene
b. I'm not madly in love with it, in fact not in the slightest...Sorry. There it is. 

I will say that I appreciated:
-how true and generally actuate it stayed to the book.
-how they portrayed District 12 (that whole beginning scene was tragically beautiful, really started the film strong)
-the irony that Seneca Crane's death scene added (would it be morbid to say rather comically so?)
-the beginning revolutionary scenes they included (made me really excited for the third movie, yes, I do in fact LOVE the third book)
- Prim (I was pleasantly surprised her uni-brow was not present) + their mom ( perfectly passive)

Yup. I'm stopping there. That's it. 

I'm not disappointed, its just not amazing. But hey they did what they could and it was effective. 
 AND I'm looking forward to sequels!

Oh yeah and this is my other movie buddy Marissa. 

 And I couldn't possibly not share this...
 I love how some random person brought a tent...to wait in the nonexistent line. BAHAHA! 

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