It's true...I saw the Avengers...and sort of adored it! NO WAY IN HECK was I expecting it to be that funny, but I swear I laughed louder than I think I've ever laughed in a movie ( mmkay unless you include the Hannah Montanna movie which I saw in theaters with my friend Mackenzi and we mistook her mother for a dude and then laughed so hard we had to leave the theater....yeah.)! Oh man!

 Food Stash! Someone saw us at Safeway getting this and well...
My movie people! Okay half the fun was seeing it with like the three funniest people I know!!!
Roman, Katelyn, and Laura
BEST SCENE IN EXISTENCE. This. There are no words. I literally died. 
And then thirty minutes later when he FINALLY got up, I died twice as hard.

This is just my favorite....
 please note Roman's face...
Aw man-good times.

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