Today's outfit was pretty grunge (yeah paired with vans...grungin' it up!)

Tee: Literally took it off the back of the woman who owns Pete's Fish and Chips (okay maybe not that literally but we did a trade!)
Blazer: Foreva 21
Jeans: Norstrom Rack
Shoes: Van Store
Bling: BYU Bookstore and other given to me by my G-Ma
Beads: I swear I wear these much too much....thrifted from Goodwill

Currently Reading : Xenocide 
(been on it for quite a while but I'm picking it up again)

So, usually my outfit posts don't contain elk but this one does....
 OH MY ELK! I was just driving down the road after I went to piano and took my outfit photos, at first I though they were cows because they were so huge and close to my car but they're ELK!
 I love where I live! 
But I'm moving to go to school in 3 weeks.....
this is sad....

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