happy birthday america.

the fourth. this year was basically the best independence day to date in my records. 
lemme' show ya why. 

provo temple

to start out the forth, I took a trip with my girl Hannah to the Provo temple. I had never been (and unfortunately it's closed till the end of July) but the grounds were beautiful and it was a perfect way to start independence day, with a reminder of one of our greatest freedoms. 

 stadium of fire

my roomie/ 80 power ballade singer/ john farmham adorer, Hannah, had some tickets for SOF given to her by here grandma, so I joined in for the ride as well! 
 well, something amazing happened. perhaps it was fate or destiny or just the coolest coincidence ever, but as we were sitting down my roommate noticed a very familiar looking head.....

" Is that....no. It can't be."
" No....wait...is it?"
"What it can't..."
people swarm and shake his hand
" Oh my gosh it is!"
run over to shake his hand
shakes hand 
" Hi President Uchdorf!"

 And then he and his family sat a row behind us....literally that far away... woah.
 Are they not the cutest?! 
Then if it couldn't get any better, Elder Nelson came and sat in front of us!
All smiles!
There were also many other GA sitting around us and Hannah and I sort of just sat there in awe....
I mean wow....it was just wow. 

Then the show started and first up was Country's own Scotty...
(p.s. these pictures are for you Mom....that's why there's quite a plethora of them...so enjoy and try not to drool on your computer screen mother)

 Yup, Scotty just a crazy country boy! The elderly around me weren't too particularly fond of him.. haha... All of the Freedom Award recipients sat right behind us (excluding Uchdorf) and one even leaned forward and asked me if I liked this kind of music...I said I wasn't a huge fan of country.

 Alex Boye sang with a choir and he was just beyond amazing (he also hosted the event)! I just die every time I see that ladies face (photo above)! Utter adoration! Please notice his shoes (love love love)!

 The dancers were also quite incredible but that's probably because they were in our back yard practicing for the past week and a half. There's a possibility I could have done half the dances with them....hahah! Oh how I love my Wyview...

 And finally....it was time for the MAIN EVENT.....
The Beach BOYS
 they may be old but they are still INCREDIBLE!!!
so much fun!

 Best part: beach balls everywhere + my song "wouldn't it be nice"+ looking over and seeing Uchdorf dancing (!!!!)

At last it was time for the GRAND FINALE...

 It was in all actuality the BEST fireworks I'd ever seen in my life!!
They were SO close and loud and the music was sublime...
it was just...
 aka the INFERNO!

after party

so after all that we also had tickets to the after party sponsored by Chik-fil-A. which when you are a poor college student, how can you pass up tons of free food and the chance to see a person in a cow suit? 

after dinner we went on over to a sick street dance and partied the rest of the evening away/ avoided stalkers!

and that,
 ladies and gents, was my super amazing, pretty much perfect, mind blowing, awe inspiring, craziness, hey i just met you, FOURTH OF JULY.
much love


miranda said...

ohhhhh my heavens I love you! we really just neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddddddddddd to get together. and your outfit is SO presh! OMGoodness. Yeah....

Taylor said...

AH! MIRANDA! I LOVE YOU AND YES COME VISIT ME NOW!!! (and send my package back)

Abbi said...

taylor, you are ABSOLUTELY the cutest girl i know.

Taylor said...

Goodness! Thanks so much Abbi!!! You're pretty freaking ADORABLE yourself!!