Looking the part.

So in Poly right now we're just finishing up our Tahitian unit. OH. BOY. You thought Tahitian dancing looked hard, well you were right! Tahitians are crazy and have insane hips... Anyways our teacher brought in the traditional hip-bands for us to practice in and gracious was it a blast! They're a little heavier but they make the dance look so much better! Friends, before this unit I couldn't move my hips with squat...I still can't really, but its a work in progress. Yup.

(Sorry in advance, excuse the mobile photographs again.)

This thing looks insane when you dance...
( Also excuse the sweatiness...it's a workout lemme tell ya....and it kicks our trash)

Rockin' the headband with Andrea (roommate/ poly dancer extraordinare )...
Hopefully uploading a video soon. 

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