A brief ode to the fellow occupants of Apartment 12 Building1

These are my roommates....
Hannah and Andrea.

It was a brief semester so we didn't spend so much time all together (mostly because Andrea was too busy partying, drinking milk, and locking herself out while Hannah was studying, eating corn, and saving what little is left of the Samaritan race. ) but when we did hang out it went a little something like this....

Reminisce briefly with me now on 
But in all seriousness they were both such marvelous roomies for a first semester of college and I feel like we learned and taught so much from each other. (e.i. Andrea learned that building meetings are a good thing and she should try not to avoid them as much....okay maybe she didn't.....and Taylor learned from Hannah how to mash bananas for banana bread....truly quite a feat!)
Awwwwww!!!! I miss these two!!!!!!!

P.S. I learned how to shuck and eat corn on the cob....thank you my fellow Merlin fan.

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