Folk Fest 2012

If you didn't already know, as well as a Polynesian class, I also took a Folk dancing class this past semester. It was well pretty much a marvelous cultural experience and all that jazz. For one of our assignments we had to go to the World Folk Festival in Springville and then write a little essay on what we felt and all that wonderful stuff. But I didn't just go to the Festival....I lived it!

There were so many cool things that we got to do as members of the class, for ejemplo...
meet and dance with two of the teams in the festival! 
Croatia and Colombia

So by the time it was the day of the Festival I was pretty much in a state of much excitement. Especially because my dear cousin Miranda (often referred to as Meehanda) was going to be present as well (because she came and visited me! yay!) We weren't too sure what we were getting ourselves into but despite Miranda's initial reluctance I convinced her that it was going to be worth it!

Oh and we took a bus because....I have a moped. 
(we also took a honda, another bus, almost hitched with a host family and their cute foreigners, and a taxi)
Yay! I learned what a transfer was!!


So there were tons of neat merch that the foreigners were selling, like these colorful jewels from South America!
 Or these handmade pinatas also from South America.
 Denik's were also being sold there and I finally got my own lovely one! 
(see shopdenik.com to pick up your own today....oh my oh my!)

Then it was time for food!!! There were so many choices from so many different countries but we finally decided on this delish Argentinian BBQ!!! AKA best sandwich in my life!
No joke.
 " Two Completo?!"
So much makes sense in my life now. 

Show time!
We had awesome seats!

Lovely young Irish Dancers (local though)

And then begun the Main Event....

 Native American Hoop Dance 
(most incredible thing....apparently these two preformed on So You Think You Can Dance)
 Remember these guys?! Yup, our friends the Crotes!!!
 Dancers from Catan....but honestly the best part was their band.....
that guy on the accordion gets me every time. Or perhaps the bearded fellow with the guitar.
 Then came out....
 We had been admiring their lederhosen from afar but we about died when they took the stage...

 I'm not even sure if you can call what the Russians did dancing but it was quite the show to say the least! Basically they jump roped like crazy acrobats making double dutch champions everywhere look like first years on a play ground. These guys nearly stole the show........................nearly.

Afterwards, we took some time to take photographs with some of the dancers....

The Croatian woman that taught us their dances in class.
we hit up the Austrian boys for some pics as well (yes, I did just say pics)!!!
Soon realizing what "beautiful american girls" we were they didn't want to stop taking photos with us....

And that my friends is the beginning of the story of how my cousin and I befriended the entire Austrian Boys' Folk Dancing Team.

We loved the whole team but our best friends were Martin and Ralph. 
(aka my Spanish Bro and non-Spanish Bro)

They took us dancing at the exclusive cast dance party, showing us their "moves" (if you can call the sprinkler and bus driver such) and teaching us their iconic Austrian slap dance, taught us some Austrian slang that translates quite poorly into English ("Cat-jump"= short distance, "make-a-shoe"= have to leave) while we taught them how to "pinky promise", and they even had the team get in a circle serenade us (first with Call You Maybe and then an Austrian ballade). Basically it was the bee's knees.

We had so much fun that the team wanted us to come hang out with them at a water park the next day but we didn't have the opportunity to do so. We did though come back the next night as we "pinky promised" we would. :)

We greatly missed our friends when they had to "make-a-shoe" but we are now Facebook friends and if we ever go to Austria we'll be sure to visit.
But you know....
they're really only like five or maybe six "cat-jumps" away!

I hope to have many more amazing cultural interactions like this in the future! 
Perhaps, if i'm lucky, some day I'll actually get to leave this country and experience what's really like....
but until then.....
I will strive to meet many diverse people, be in interesting places, and participate in many wonderful and multicultural things!


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