Meehanda Visits and We Learn A lot

No. 1
In which we discover the art of Waffling.
waffling(v.): hunting down the Waffle Love truck and then consuming the all encompassing glory that is THE waffle, oh and then documenting it.
 Basically by some twist of fate, Meehanda and I were able to discover this jem. And partake of it.

bottom to top blueprint- waffle (made from dough not batter with sugar cubes imported from Belgium),  caramelized biscotti sauce, fresh Utah peaches, and a dollop of whipped cream on top

 OH and while were on the subject of down town Provo:

 some day I MUST eat here....
to get ready for my unplanned but nearly potential trip....
to my favorite color.....
 Basically I ADORE the art down town and I would love to utilize its great potential in a project someday but until then....
let's just be silly.

No. 2
In which Miranda learns her potential destiny of marrying Hiddles and becoming an Urban housewife....
No. 3
In which Taylor borrows Andrea's long board and Miranda teaches her the grand art of long boarding...

No. 3
In which Taylor learns not to use annoying boys for their cars. And Miranda learns that when hiking, knocking rocks down on accident can very well lead to accidents much worse in nature and perhaps even cause her to get trapped on a mountain whilst her cousin is waiting for her all night at the bottom with a creepy boy who tells her much more than she wanted ever in her life to know. Also Taylor contemplates chucking herself off the peak of Y mountain. 

Okay. Pause. 
The real story. 
So I had been dying to hike the "Y" (for those of you not in the know, the Y is this huge concrete letter Y on the middle of the mountain for B"Y"U  and you can see it throughout Provo and its just a little fun hike) WELL I'd been dying to hike the Y especially with my cousin Miranda because it would both be our first time YAY! BUT....due to lack of vehicle I knew I was going to have to be creative if I wanted to get us there...so when this boy with a car that fancied me asked to hang out I suggested we hike the Y-car situation HANDLED! I was quite proud of my little sneaky move and so ready to hike that I didn't even realize it was by this time eleven PM. So we get to the trail head and hike to the Y easy peasy....too easy, in fact. We want a little more adventure so we decide to free climb the rocks to get to the peak. We got to the second highest peak when the boy who's car we road in complained of his fatness that he could not go on so I feeling a tad guilty for using the kid hiked down with him whist Miranda and the unfat kid continued to the peak. We got to the bottom (me with more scrapes than one) and decided to go to the only open store at 2:30 in the morning, McDonald's and grab beverages for everyone. We came back in a hurry expecting our friends to be there waiting but they were not so we waited for what seemed like forever and a day until we got a disturbing message from them that they were stuck near the top and had been hit by rocks. I was slightly traumatized and freaking the freaking freak out. Basically I assumed death. But really they were fine and it only took all night and all the police in the greater Provo area to get them out. They had a couple of little cuts but Miranda was really just tired. While Miranda was on the mountain she became really good friends with the boy she was with and they had a wonderful time surviving together despite their injuries! I, on the other hand, was punished severely from on high for my cruel behavior and had to spend all night with a boy I didn't want to know and got to know too much about. Karma sucks. Big time. The next day we were all a little tense and torn up from the night before. Miranda soon left, I avoided the poor boy until he hopefully hated my guts and decided never to talk to me again, and the other boy went back to being a stranger. Yes, normalcy returned and all was well! Our story however lived on in every newspaper in Provo and on the news....basically they got all the facts wrong and made us sound embarrassed and pathetic. Um....we weren't embarrassed in the slightest and free climbing in the middle of the night to the peak doesn't sound very pathetic to me....but whatever.
There are many morals in this story so find what you can from it.
I'm trying very hard to forget it.

Anyways here are some of the better highlights of that experience....

 The adorable idiots that trapped themselves.....

Our Lord of the Rings photo....

Towering above the city....

In which Taylor and Miranda learn that they live different lives, with different challenges, and are at different places right now and that sometimes growing takes space. 

(haha oh this photo! love, love, love!)

Miranda and I have been close for a very long time indeed, ever since infant hood in fact! We are really practically sisters in every way but despite all of are near exact similarities we are more unalike than anyone would imagine. I love our friendship because we can talk freely about things in it that work and don't work and about each other, but sometimes that leads to little(?) spats. 

 The problem with our last visit was that we are both at different parts of our lives and trying to figure out the kind of person we wanted to be as we take on these new roles. 

 College and living on your own is a like a whole new world where suddenly you taking the reigns of life in your hand and lead it down a path that only you kind decide. And that kind of pressure can take it's toll. The future becomes confusing and normal, simple things become complicated. 

 The best kinds of friendship become complicated too.

 But despite all that change I still think things can be worked out but in perhaps in ways we aren't used to. I think things need a little time and space, just like the Tardis (...sorry to ruin the Nicholas Sparks moment there but I just couldn't pass that one up hahaha!! Anyways.).

And thus we carry on, take a little distance, and use this time to grow into people we are happy with and who we genuinely want to become. 

And at the end of it you'll still have a best friend waiting for you! 

I miss you!!!
Well enough of me evoking emotions from my cold, heartless bowels and trying to be philosophical. Let's never do that again okay? 

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