One WICKED Weekend

 Well this post is a little dated. But....OH WELL!!!
A couple weeks ago I saw wicked for the first time!
Actually it turned out to be a very WICKED weekend indeed!

Mama Chums picked me up from my apartment Friday afternoon and I got to spend a little time with this little monkey before we left for the show.....

 He'll never admit it but we're actually best friends.
Oh he's Blood Mother's grandson btw (yes, I just btw you.)
He's crazy. And makes the best faces.
So naturally I try to be just like him.


Final it was time to head over to SLC! 
(left to right: me, Blood Mother, Marie aka Ethan's mama)

We had a bit of time to kill and we're not lame, so we got the best kind of dinner...

(yeah this is cheesy.....my apologies and stuff)

Then we walked around SLC for quite awhile (mostly looking for a copy of EW with Matt Smith on the cover but APPARENTLY NOWHERE IN THE WHOLE WIDE FREAKING WORLD sells them but whatever....I'm over it) and hungered again and stopped at this rather urban chic joint called the Blue Lemon.
And I felt urban. And tried a cake pop for the first time in my mortal existence. 
(As you can tell we're heath freaks)

And then.....

 ...it was SHOW TIME!!!!

 I can't even begin to describe the show so just go see it for yourself okay? 

 Oh yes, I realized that I love theaters more than I ever thought. Look at it! It's just gorge! 

 This is the only photo of the stage I was able to sneak...and well it's crap...but that's about our view. 

Well after all that amazingness I didn't think the weekend could get any better but it just did.

no. I never get tired of Temple Square. EVER! and I could go on all the tours like a billion times.

 I love this mini replica of Jerusalem....basically I want to visit there SOO bad.
 I thought this dummies verged upon creepy but it reminded me of my NT class so much and Hannah's grand scheme to save the Samaritans.... by the way we're getting shirts made so pre-order yours today (all proceeds go to the Save the Samaritan foundation) :)
 As a child I never appreciated this room and the AMAZING mural.....

 this time I did.d

 The shirt was just too perfect.

 Then we went and had lunch at the ever so famous, Lion House!

 Definitely a different experience but delicious all the same!

 Then we went to the Beehive House, Brigham Young's house!
I felt cool.
 I'm a succor for old fixtures...
 OH and this is a bracelet made out of Brigham Young's hair...
I guess that was the thing to do back in the day.
I jut find it kind of disgusting.
 These are his clothes...
just in case you wanted to know.
 Fixtures!! The Sister Missionaries didn't know if they were originals but I can pretend, yes?

 They were classy....but not as classy as Hannah in her pearls of course.

 Love the original detail of the the house.
 Imported furniture from France.
 They educated their own kids....
 Old stove....
 Elegant dinning hall.

 Outside view

 Then we went and toured the conference center....
and I sort of loved it grandly.

 You don't see very much stained glass in our churches so it was so lovely to see this...

 The capitol.
 On the roof of the Conference Center....

 Panoramic View 
 Then we went to the church museum for a bit...
these are the casts of Joseph's and Hyrum's faces when they died...
so neat!!!
 Love that glass!
 Traditional wedding gown from the 1800's.

And that's where it ends. 
Thanks for the superb weekend Mama Chums!

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Grace Marie said...

Fun day! I didn't know you had it so well documented. Glad you had as much fun as I did.