Because all of the books I ever read are being translated into movies and I may just start freaking out.

                                 I actually liked the host better than the Twilight series so I was quite surprised with how well this trailer turned out. My only regrets are that they didn't choose older actors for the characters but whatevs... Jared is good looking and Ian is not and quite frankly that's all that matters. Over all, executed extremely well.

                               And then there is Ms. Clare's books. I like her other prequel series better but TMI is where we all started so I'm stoked that things are starting to happen! I like how all of the actors looked but there was surprisingly a lot of action so hopefully it won't be a punching fest drenched in blood and weird zombies. And I would have LOVED to see some chem between Clary and Jace but I suppose that's asking for to much. Not as moving as I wanted but its only the first trailer right? And perhaps its going to have more of an independent movie feel....maybe.

In other news Ender's Game is set to come out in November 2013, quite filming a long time ago but still has failed to release a trailer.... yet City of Bones comes out in August 2013 and released their trailer right after filming...so it better be spectacular. They have like the world to answer to. All I'm sayin'.

I'm done.

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