Currently? I'm painting.

So this morning after yoga, I decided I want to paint. Yeah, it's a little out of the blue but why not?! I've been trying to find my style as an artist anyways and throwing a few paintings together is really helping me to hash out what I'm doing with my life artistically.
I like to blast music while I paint and I get inspired by what I hear or see and I created this after listening to absolutely ALL of The Head and the Heart's music...
but especially this song. 
Excuse the photo qual. it looks much smaller and more spectacular in life. 

And this kind of made me happy because it reminded (okay really you can't compare them and obviously my style is quite different but still) me of my Uncle Loren's paintings, who is a crazy master painter of native art. 
Hopefully it runs in the family...can't wait to start my graphic design prerecs. next semester!!! 2-D here I come!!

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