my first halloween on my own. 
and was in no way traditional. 
but that's my life. 


random fact: the jamba juice on campus dressed up as harry potter. if you went to jamba you had to pick a character name for you to be called. i was always he who must not be named. the best.
it consisted of much downtown.
which is perfect. 
and this place...
cupcake + pie shakes.
then I ran into every whoovians dream...
or worst nightmare.
weeping angels, folks.
like I said before,
downtown is perfection fresh out of the oven.
 and then it was party time. 
 in order: yank's fan, painter babe, flapper gal, the devil's secretary, rosie the riveter, and eighties chick.
party no. 1
basically blew, but we got some fun photos out of it. 
 ow, ow!
 speak easy. 

 party no. 2
 we hit up the wilk for some real quality dancing.
even got to see a performance by the ballroom dance teams.
fern teaches us to salsa. 
 party no. 3
was so lame it is never to be spoken of. ever.
(mostly because our halls put it on.)

party no. 4
 was bueno.
good dj. 
large crowd. 
and i made a new friend.

my halloween may have been candy-less. 
i may have not have gone trick-or-treating.
i may not have dressed up as cray as i could have.
i did have a lovely holiday.

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