bride and prejudice.

so a couple of my roommates a while back had expressed their adoration for some crazy bollywood version of pride and prejudice. i'll admit i was a bit skeptic but as a lover of all indian dancing i gave it a shot. honestly it's one of the best versions of pride and prejudice to date. if you haven't seen this you really must.

here's a clip so you can get a little taste of it.

also this is the best dance routine almost ever...
(video creds to Fern)

no life without wife.

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Stephanie Laurie said...

I LOVE that actress! I'm pretty sure she's the same one who starred in The Mistress of Spices, which was also really interesting to watch! No dancing though.
You should watch Lagaan! It's a Bollywood musical/broadway type of thing, and the producer is also the main male lead. He's also the only good-looking Indian man in the whole cast, lol, and he is REALLY good-looking!