( from my first blog post)

I just realized that my blog is a little over three years old now. 
How did I change so much so quickly?
I love going back and reading my first post. 
I was so motivated so goal oriented.
I cared so much but feared a lot. 
Now I don't really care at all and feel like I could take on the world.
I've moved twice since then. 
Met more people than I could have ever imagined. 
And I can say I accomplished my goal.
I may have lost most of my photos along the way, but I stuck with it, was not fickle, and my blog became a part of my life. 
It really has defined me.
There is a lot of times where I could have put in a lot more effort but I like what it has potential to become. 
Sort of like my life.
So what if I only gained like twenty followers.
So what if I still get giddy if someone leaves a comment.
It's my blog.
It's small, pretty much insignificant, and probably not super interesting.
But I love it.
I and think my 15 year old self would have been happy to know that it's made it this far.
That's all I could of dreamed of and more.

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