Have a secret....can you keep it?

 (oh first please note the lovely water damage on the wall of our brand new apartment. nope, maintenance still has not come to fix it. forever a blemish on the wall of #4103)

So here it is.
It is a universally noted problem that here in 4103 we have a problem of keeping our toilet paper stocked. In fact 3/4 of the time we have to resort to cotton balls. It's even got so bad that my roommates keep secret stock piles of toilet paper and hide them for a special occasion. Of course I don't have a pile- no I have to be considerate and buy paper for the general public and oh do they use it. So when it runs out I have nothing to wipe my butt with and the roomies just break out their stock pile. Well not any MORE!!!! I now too have a stock pile. 
Desperate times call for desperate measures folks. 
And if you've lived the college student life then you know what kind of desperate I'm talking about and I know you won't judge me for my ridiculous act of desperation.

I stole toilet paper from a building on campus.

So I was out late studying in my favorite building the HFAC when I decided to use the bathroom before I left so I could use as much toilet paper as I pleased. As I was in the stall I realized that there was a plethora of toilet paper and that perhaps I'd take a little more than warranted. 
So, I will confess, I stuffed toilet paper in my backpack and went home.
And now I too have a stockpile.


I should probably tell you I have no money and one more week till I go home....
so I feel it's justifiable. 


Anonymous said...

maybe people in #4103 have secret stock piles so that others don't take advantage of their monies. how much TP have you purchased this semester? i didn't think that you had TP to share. love.

Taylor said...

dear anonymous,
i shared and bought much.
follow me.

Stephanie Laurie said...

Wow! Do people just defecate themselves daily in #4103?? And also, have you received my pen pal letter?????????


Taylor said...

Stephanie!!!! Yes all we do is defecate and defecate!! hahahah!!!! Yes I did and I absolutely LOVED it!!!!! So cute!!! Looks like you are having soooo much fun! So happy for you!!! Did you ever get my letter? When do you go home?

miranda said...

this is wonderful. who da thunk a tp post could be this entertaining :)

Taylor said...

hahaha!! thanks meehanda!

Anonymous said...

Have you talked to your roommates about this sitauation?

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous,
no. i suppose what we have here is a general lack of communication altogether. yes, i suppose we should all sit and talk about how secret combinations (aka stockpiles) are a bad thing and how we should make a chore wheel or sign a contract (which usually doesn't work because certain parties who came up with it just end up violating it making it null and void) or something but rather i think we all seem to enjoy the sense of freedom we have in our apartment and utter anarchy we live in besides when the Pink Gloved Curled Haired Crowned Queen is in power with her faithful servant the Crowned Prince and wonderful Medicine Man and of course let us not for get the bloody Outlaw. Okay.
Hope this answered your question.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious!!!!!

Taylor said...

hahaha wow.....

Stephanie Laurie said...

I have not received your letter!! :c
And I won't be able to check my college mailbox until early next month, boooo! Hopefully by then, I'll have it.. It's okay though; snail mail is so exciting!

Left The Porch Jeremy said...

"I stuffed toilet paper in my backpack and went home"- hahah i do the same thing because I'm a student and I don't have money :)

Greetings from Poland :)