i almost forgot to mention that i love this song.

so on the plane from vegas to seattle I splurged a bit and bought plane wifi (best ever.) and watched perks of being a wall flower online. i probably shouldn't have watched it in public because i was literally laughing, sobbing, and talking to the screen. this movie is beyond perfection. i had high expectations and felt completely satisfied if not better when i finished the film. lerman was the perfect martyr. i nearly hugged the screen through half of it with all these feelings. it made me really regret that i didn't try harder in high school to get to know my classmates better because there are so many intricate wonderfully people out there that are just waiting to tell their story to someone and i'd much like to be apart of it. suppose i'll just try harder at uni. it did though inspire me to meet a delightful woman that sat next to me on the plane. she came to america from china ten years ago and i got to hear about the active free spirited life she lives. it was marvelous. i think that will be my goal, ya know. also to fall hopelessly in love. and also write. and read classics. and make my story difficult to believe. 

so you know the music's going to be sublime.
ya know.

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