officially my favorite companion. because she's friken brilliant.

this year's WHO christmas special was the moon and beyond. 
mind blowing, sentimental, and chalked full of moffat's brilliance.

basically I'm beyond pumped for season seven.
(please moffat write more!
I don't think I can do the whole pond thing again with 3 fluff episodes.
please let's not do that again...)
anyways, I more than enjoyed all the references to SHERLOCK in this episode (because come on get real here we all know the brains behind that operation and also who almost became mr. holmes himself- superb...also did anyone catch all the "winter is coming" references? just wondering...i did. )

also i found myself falling in love with characters I'd hadn't before like the awkward couple and potato man.( "I'm the clever one, you are the potato one") the doctor also, in my opinion, revealed many complexities of his own soul that either the audience has rarely seen or hadn't before. and it was perfect. 
and if it was even possible oswin became even more wonderful. I love how she isn't helpless and constantly not understanding things but actually extremely clever and an asset to the doctor. and then she turned into a labyrinth within a labyrinth with her dying and appearing again and everything was moffat and bright.
finally an overlaying mystery, and purpose.
can't wait to come along and find out who she is.
but isn't that always the question?

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