so another one of us got hitched. (terry is married.)

another one of my dear washingtonian friends (Tash aka TERRY) was married this last week (to this^^ new zealander). 
coincidently (or perhaps not so) she was the maid of honor at my last friends wedding and caught the bouquet.
also, my friend whom i will refer to as Lady Hawk Whisperer, and i were at the start of both relationships.
these things do not happen.
now we can only predict the next outcome. 
which will be our friend Katelyn is getting married next.
(pictured below in the middle)
but i guess we'll just have to wait to find out.

here's some lovely comparisons for nostalgia's sake.

Terry's bridal shower:
(rachel was in disney world so...)

Rachel's bridal shower:

 day of Terry's wedding:

day of Rachel's wedding: 

oh the sweet memories!
 can't wait to compare them all again when the next one of us get's married!
two down, three to go.
until then.


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