good ole' nostalgia.

Most the time I'm super nostalgic and I find perfectly wonderful/awful photographs that I fall in love with over again and have to share them because they're perfect, kay, and evoke memories. 
Wedding reception in Sequim, the moment right before my mother fell on the dance stage in front of everyone and it was the best even if she really wants to forget it ( haha-love you mom)!
 Our last year at Easter Pageant in Mesa- my mom and brother Vance (he's wearing makeup but it really is him and not some chick) had a pretty important role as the boy and mother of Nain. I was a courter in the 10 Virgin parable (fist time not just being multitude!!! yeah!) and I think it was Matt's first year. Happy memories! Oh of course there's Kenzi- she got out of being in it with us that year ;).

 I'm almost positive I never posted any pictures from graduation on my blog because I though they were hideous but the beauty of time passing is you grow to accept them. Anyways this is about the most hilarious photo and I love it. That day was a complete blur to me- Sequim High man. 

 One year for Christmas or something, when we lived in Arizona, my grandma Kathy made us all adorable aprons. I just love how young we all look. And Lauren is perfect so.
I think this was taken last year at the Irrigation Festival and it's perfect. So. 

 Random trip to New Port Beach with the Smith's back when I was in Junior High. We're all tan and cute and fit. 
 This is like my favorite picture ever ( I don't care if my dad doesn't like it). It was right after I saw the Hunger Games cast and waited for hours and hours in the pouring rain and had like seven out of body experiences. After I went and crashed Mo-Pro in Tardis colored pants and a Whoovian shirt and pin. It was good.

A proud moment Junior year. My first year in Sequim and I was already in the newspaper.
(I guess it happened in Provo too but getting stuck on a mountain is not something you necessarily  brag about)
New Port Beach trip again. Stop it Lauren. Just stop being adorable.

Again, because I miss her face so much. 

You don't know my life but you do know what I like remembering.

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