let's play ketchup!

(volume 2.)

Well last week end I was dying to escape from campus and roommates and the whole messy lot- so luckily I have my Utah family to take me in! 
Firstly, since we have snow like no other we took advantage of it and spend the first part of the day sledding down some pretty intense hills. And if you've never been pulled behind a jeep in a sled train- then I suggest you rethink your future priorities. 

Then the kids took me for the first time to this sort of magical land called Scheels. Not only does it have sporting goods but also a ferris wheel. This is the real deal folks!
 Mike + Jack.
Kylie + her friend Maddie. 
It's an adventure- lemme tell ya!

 Oh so also I realized what has been missing for basically the entire duration of my mortal existence (slight hyperpolation).
I'm officially a cat lady. 
Give me five of these beauts and that's all I'll need. 

Too much fun!

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