let's play ketchup!

(volume 3.)

Well what I thought was going to be a homework/hermit weekend turned into something beautiful when Meehanda decided to take an impromptu trip from Rexburg to Provo. We hit up some fun local joints and had a little girls night out on the town at Sparks + Sammys.
 mock tails!
 (herb fries-to die!!!)

"the lighting is great in here" 

 Needless to say we missed each other quite significantly.

Next day....
on the train to SLC.

 Yeah she doesn't even try. 

First on the agenda?
Dinner at Blue Lemon. 

Then off to a lovely little thrift store called Decades.

The we went to this darling European bakery and toured Temple Square (I'm the best at pretending to be a tourist...really I am.)
 OH and then I met a sister missionary from Sweden who went to school with the Prince of Sweden.......................
He's only worth 3.7 billion and one of the world's most eligible bachelors.
No. Big. Deal. 
(Joann and I are currently fighting over him.)

Then after some brief navigational issues we finally made it on to the train home.

 Posh little picnic on the train?
Oh yes.
Meehanda went home early this morning. 

Quite the serendipitous weekend if I do say so myself!
Finally up to the present!

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