holy holi #colorfest2013

as all good college students in utah must, I went to the celebration of holi this year in Spanish Fork- aka  the color festival. basically this hindu religion puts on this huge festival at their temple to celebrate spring and life and love and warmth and all that good stuff. there's a little entrance fee and you pay a little for the powder paint- with over 50,000 people in attendance in one day that's enough to keep the church going for the rest of the year! so every two hours there's a countdown and you throw the paint up and you can't see or breathe and its great! on top of that there's live performances from all these really funky Krishna bands- you can't understand a word they're saying but it's easy enough to jam out to and the crowd goes crazyyy. oh and of course it wouldn't be holi without crowd surfing. basically its just people of all ages and walks of life getting together to throw paint, dance, play, enjoy the sun, hug a few strangers, and just be a lover. 

here's our experience with it: 

the Krishna temple. the crowd was insane!!! so much love there.
barely colored. all we did was walk there and people through colors at us.
view from near the front of the stage of the Krishna temple. 

that's better...
oh yeah so if you ever go to holi, bring a bandana or die. 
literally friends it will save you.
and you might just look like a bandit. 

oh yes and my dear meehanda came down from Berg with some amigos to go to holi too! it was the best.
a little taste of the music...

and then the performer pulled me up on stage and told me to sing to thousands of people in some hindu language and everyone cheered me on. it was so awesome!


just to let you know:
NO, the paint did not wash off easily.
YES, I have stains in my armpits and other miscellaneous areas still to this day.

i recommend that if you are ever in utah in next year around this time that you make it a priority to go to this thing. it's about the best if you relax and get into the spirit of it. it was certainly a taste of culture and an adventure I will never forget!
until next year!


OH hey!
So just found this on a KSL's website!
Look who's in that red highlighted area!!!

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