life lately according to iphone photos.

 Spending time with little Scuffy Blue and my Utah familia. 
What can I say?  I just love cats. 
A little love in my life. 
I went to the petting zoo for the first time in Thanksgiving point for little Freedom's birthday. 
Animals and animals.
Se llama.
  That one time when I found that Lil' Sebastian lives!
 Joen and I went to the most intense game in the whole world and we lost. 
So whatever. 
 Joen's aunt visited, bringing empanadas from NYC. 
Let's just say I'm so ready to head out there this summer.
 My two guilty pleasures. Sip and sketch. 
 My cousin and I had matching polka dots for church. Completely documentable. 
 Starting to work with Islamic patterning in 2D this week. 
Finally finished this little beast of a project. 


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