As I was meandering around on tumblr today, I found out that the author one of my books that was coming out this month was going to be touring in Provo TODAY (super last minute and wonderful)- so as any proper fangirl would do, I dragged my reluctant roommate down to the library with me and enjoyed the Dark Days Tour. I didn't know any of the authors besides Lauren Oliver (author of Delirium) but that was okay because it was great getting to hear from other aspiring YA novelists. They're all so witty and delightful- I could have listened to them all day. Lauren was definitely different than many of the other authors ( very East Coast according to my roommate the expert in all things NYC and Eastern life) but I liked that. For fans out there, I recorded a few videos for you of the interviews- you can thank me later!

 The set up. 
(Lauren is the one on the end.)

My signed copy: 
One of the best parts of the tour was actually meeting Lauren. The first thing she said to me was how much she loved my hair and I about died three times. Joann went all Jersey on her of course and they came to the conclusion that Florida is not part of east coast and that Joann has the sole duty of showing me all the sights and turning me into a true east coaster. Oh my Joen!
Super neat experience. 
And I finally have the book to end this story that I begun over a year ago!

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