NO. 1:  T H E  F A U L T  I N  O U R  S T A R S
Seriously people, I've officially been trying to get this book into my hands for almost a YEAR AND A HALF and then I forgot about it and picked it up serendipitously the other day when I was in civilization for a few hours. I dove into it not expecting like the world or anything and BAM! All of a sudden everything was WHAT IS THIS LIFE? and WELCOME TO WOMANHOOD! NOW DIE. It was the most beautiful three hours of my life. If you feel pressured by bloggers/ tumblr/ friends/ pinterest/ popularity to read this and you feel like "nope, don't want to"- you're being extremely stupid and should just buy a copy (because really do you think the library is actually going to own enough copies of this? -don't wait six months just BUY IT!!). I don't like cancer books- Nicholas Sparks, no thank you!!- but I loved and cherished the morbid wit and cynicism that gave this novel the best tone I've heard in ages but also made it one of the more real pieces of literature I've read. Oh yeah and two kids fall in love and everything is not OKAY (too soonnnnnnnnnnnn).

NO. 2:  B A N D E A U  T O P S 
Alright, get with the trends already. Haven't music festival frequents been wearing these since- I don't know- like the DAWN OF TIME! COME ON- H+M even has like a whole collection dedicated to this and you don't even have a bandeau?? Fine. I know. But I finally bought this lovely little undergarment and it's the business. I can now live my life with out being shunned by the population of Coachella, Lana Del Rey, and electronic music junkies. Perfect for summer- cut of tees to low cut dresses. But, you probably already knew that. DAWN OF TIME.

NO. 3:  P R O A C T I V 
My cheesy, melodramatic testimonial: Ever since I started university my skin has been a wreck. Staying up late, malnutrition, heightened levels of stress and anxiety: all contributors. I went from relatively good skin to straight up white heads (I really just wrote that okay). Some days I couldn't even imagine what it would be like if someone saw me with out all the cover up. And then I GOT PROACTIV AND IT WAS A MIRACLE AND NOW MY SKIN IS ALMOST FLAWLESS AND THE WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! Right- so maybe we cut the theatrics and just say it cleared my face up and I'm back to post-university blemish free skin (yay). You always hear of people wanting to go on Proactiv- maybe actually do it. I worked for me (so know I'm majorly selling it but really....RESULTSSSSS).

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