Florals for spring...groundbreaking.

Wildflowers are everywhere and I can't get enough of them. There are fields and fields- all I want to do is run through them in the orange dyed 8 o'clock light.
As I get older I am learning that quality trumps quantity. It's still super difficult for me to pass up a seven dollar sun dress or a cheap trend at Forever 21(that store is literally the tempestuous purgatory itself), but guys really I am working on it (seven dollar dresses on extreme clearance at a Loft outlet are much better any day). But these pants though- Gap, killer sale, gorgeous, and therefore MINE.
**Goodwill and consignment (the places in Sequim are the BEST in the world) is another story all together and can not be group with the likes of  the cheap. Quality is there friends. You can find it. It may be on of my callings in life. I'm a believer- a stanch one at that.  **


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