Lauren and I also went to a strawberry farm today. Sequim was once known for solely for farming and so there are many local farms where they let you go and pick when berry time comes around.  It's a little early in the season yet, but it sure was a nice excuse to get out in the sunshine. 

(Fact: found these beauts at Goodwill the other day. Just about died.)

As always, her characteristically dirty face.

After about thirty minutes though Lauren was "going to die" and could conveniently only find green berries. One tuckered out kid. 

All done and weighing in our treasures.

Ready for a long summer of strawberry waffles.


miranda said...

Those shorts are sooooooo cute! Where did you get them?!?

miranda said...

Those shorts are soooooo cute! Where did you get them?!?

Taylor Willis said...

A lovely product of TARGET I found a few years back... BUT there is a pair on sale that I found EXACTLY like mine but only a little bigger in size at our local GOODWILL. Perhaps I could pick them up for you? Trade for one of your fab dresses maybe?? Hey I might want to feature your dresses on the site (good adverting for your business and what-not)- lemme know what you think!! XXX!-t.

miranda said...

uhhhh..sha!!!! buy me those shorts stat!!! also, i would totally love to be featured, but let me get some stuff situated first...k??? lets talk soon...love you!