I T ' S  almost time to go back to school again. I am actually quite ready to put my nose to the grind stone, be successful, and get things done. I was looking back on this past year and realizing that there is a lot I wished I would have done differently (applied myself more, been more financially responsible, gotten a job, so on so forth) but there are a lot of things that I loved about my first year of university. I found a few pictures that I took in my MACs photo both that made me feel a little nostalgic ( miss my Utah home) and I thought I'd share them with you. Mostly they're ridiculous and probably wouldn't mean anything to anyone else, but that's why I love them.

So because I trust mirrors zilch, zero, at all- I've taken about a million and one self-portraits. Most people would consider this extremely vain (ha and maybe it is) but I love going back and seeing what I looked like for all those months, what I wore, and how I've changed. I feel like an outsider looking in when I see these photos. 
 braid phase
 valentine's day- clips I bought at the MOA
 turban phase

 the big curls came back for awhile

  eyeliner phase- got pretty good at it too

 And then I have all these wonderfully hilarious photos of Joann and I. I'm getting all caught up on them because I'm visiting her in less than a month!!
 we literally like weren't even friends at this point- she hated me because I wanted to sleep with music and lights on- yeah I'd hate me too 

but then we became best friends and starting making terrible vlogs
 that probably only we find  the least bit entertaining:

 and then we had the same major for like three months and were in the same awful seminar- here we are pretending we are at a tumblr meet up during said seminar and this is the first time we met because we are from different coasts and obviously tumblr brought us together
 I just really like these two photos because I'm being very clever and using my hands to cover my cold- sore
 we also have great faces:

I'm surprised we have openings on our social calendars 

viewer digression is advised: 
we used to make these killer music vids
they're super embarrassing-here's one that isn't as awful
but really look how cute my room was....wahhhh miss it too much!

And then I have these photos of my precious Utah family. 
they're my favorite and I can't wait to see them

because I'm the best babysitter ever and teach them the proper way to start a music video, party dancing 101, and not fight and stuff:

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