A F T E R  an incredibly long day of work ( summer jobs at HIWAY 101 DINER of course!-our family's business) we thought we'd spend some time searching the racks of our local thrift stores. Our personal favorite in Sequim? Good Will. Normally I wouldn't suggest Good Will or D.I. for the "best" thrifting, but in Sequim -the self proclaimed "heaven's waiting room"- we are fortunate to have heaps of old lovely things everywhere because everyone dies ( too morbid?).  We thought we'd show of some of our haul as well as some new pieces we are excited about.

 super wedges that make everything better

miranda's favorite new piece of bling-earring cuff: URBAN 

rocking my new lovely gold midis
floral print blouse: GOOD WILL

polka dotted free-flowing shorts: GOOD WILL

one of my greatest finds today, working old-school film camera- it may become my best friend yet. 

on location: 3 CRABS (GENERAL AREA)**
                   LOVELY DESERTED B+D// SEQUIM, WA

**part of the movie THE RING was filmed here- crazy, yeah?

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