I  was in dire need of a car for the up-coming school term and so I worked very hard at my day job (waitressing at my family's diner) to buy one. After browsing and searching Craigs-list, Ebay, the Classifieds, and any other possible media that could sell cheap used cars, I gave up and my grandparents offered to sell me their  Toyota. I was a little more than ecstatic. Being completely ignorant to trivial things like titles and legitimately owning a vehicle, I was welcomed to the warm world of dealing with super cooperative and helpful government employees. Now, I don't know how many of you watch Parks and Rec, but I figured that just about everyone ever to work for the government of the United States of America was like Leslie Knope ( yeah, okay. that's a ridiculous generalization. and are you really that naive? but really.) Anyways- I go to the "OFFICIAL LICENSING FOR EVERYTHING OFFICE" or whatever it's called (nearly clueless, may I add), to get the car switched into my name. I'm thinking OH yes! This will be so easy! I'll just tell them I'm completely unaware of anything that normal adults should know and they'll help me and yadah yaddah  yadddah! I get there and at first the lady was completely understanding and normal. She told me I had a few things I had to get signed and all would be well. I did as she asked and got all the papers signed-but  wait-there was actually more things that needed to be done that she forgot about. I told her I be back in five minutes and went to do as the nice government employee asked. BUT- upon returning five minutes later, I go to open the door and find it locked. Looking at my phone and seeing that it was only three minutes after the hour, I became hopefully. I peered into the office and saw the lady eating a sandwich and looking at her computer-still at her desk. She saw me and then resumed looking at her computer. I- albeit a little taken aback- knocked and gestured to her the papers in my hand. She responded by mouthing "we're closed". Obviously she hadn't seen the papers that I had and I shook them vigorously. She shook her head and looked down at her computer and proceeded to ignore me. Really though? I get that you probably don't get the best compensation for all that hard work you do and everything but was it really so very difficult to let a girl know that they were closing in less than five minutes? Would it really been such an ordeal to open the door and take two minutes to finish the process? As these thoughts ran through my head- I angrily rolled my eyes (very exaggerated obviously so she could see them) and stormed away. I was so frustrated. So much so that I didn't return for a few days and when I did, I was happy to know that I was going to be charged an eighty something dollar late fee that she failed to inform me of. My total (that had to be in cash) came to ninety-one dollars and fifty cents. And because I happened to not carry around that kind of cash on my person I had to leave the friken place once again and delve into my tip funds for it. Being extremely ticked at this point- I thought it would be perfect if I gave her the money all in ones (when you're a waitress you really do have hundreds of dollars in ones laying around). Feeling super witty and seeking nothing but revenge on this poor excuse for a government employee that only Ron FRIKEN Swanson would approve of ( though perhaps not even he) I headed back toward the office to show the government just what I was made of.  BUT when I walked in I was dismayed to find that the lady was now on her LUNCH BREAK and that instead I would have to unleash the wrath of ones onto her very nice and guiltless coworker. I apologized quickly and explained that I was a waitress and so I had ones and stuff blah blah blah and finally at last my car was officially and legally mine. What did I learn from this? Payback always back fires? Government employees are useless? I know nothing about being an adult? Life is hard? People are lazy? I don't know, but I kind of don't care.

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