I ' V E   never really thought myself much of a photographer, but after I used the Canon 7D today I beginning to think VAPHO116 won't be so scary after all. Perhaps I really will be able to get something special from it to give my portfolio that extra push it needs to get into the Graphic Design program. We've only had a couple days of class so far but I feel like I already know a billion times more than I knew only a week ago. Anyways I got excited when I saw the quality of the photos that I was working on for homework and sort of stumbled into a three hour tutorial sesh. Too bad I can't use any of these as my homework (lame). Okay so I am a big novice but I think I like the direction these are moving in. These adorable models are my cousins btw. No big deal but they're the cutes. 

 I couldn't decide if I liked it better in color or B&W. 

Probably my least strong photo-just because this was the first one I edited and I was completely in the dark and new to everything. I messed up my layers and somethings are hidden and it's a little bit of a mess but it shows that I'm making progress so whatever. 

Anywho- that's all I could get through tonight but hopefully I will become more efficient with this whole editing process in the future ( hopefully my skills will improve as well)! 
Sorry about the lack of blogging.
It's been a heck of a beginning to the semester. 


Oh, if you live in the greater Provo area I might need more models eventually throughout the semester...
just sayin'.

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