T H I S  was probably the worst assignment...ever. I am not an extremely abstract person so when it comes to seeing only shape or line in creating a photograph it requires me to go wayyyy out of my comfort zone... which is probably a good thing because I need to think more that way. Anyways I hated almost all of my photos but I think these turned out okay but a little lack luster... subtle? My professor did say my use of color was excellent... because I planned it to be that way...duh...? Anywho, these photographs were taken in SLC in between the Cathedral and Temple Square (NOT IN THE GHETTO. AHEM.).

^This photo bored my teacher to dirt. I sort of liked it. ^

^Everyone seemed to like this photo for some reason. ^

^But this one was boring again. Hmm.^

My professor liked this one... maybe because of the day light compared to the tungsten lighting? I wasn't sure.

Everyone's a critic. 
If you feel particularly moved or bothered by one of these or just feel like typing... comment. 
Thanks ya'll.

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