A F T E R  that awful cropping shoot, I wanted to go into detail and really style my next shoot. Sixties mod became my original source of inspiration- though my shoot varied from that path once the process began- namely Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, but also I wanted to juxtapose the high fashion with the rebellion and anti-war revolution of the young people during that time period. Playing on this idea I tried to get some shoots at Uncle Sam's Military Outlet Store Or Whatever It's Called- unfortunately I was low on time and only a few turned out. None the less, I still think its a good base for a future project that I can put more time and effort into. Oh and shout out to my amazing models- Cassidy and Lydia- who despite being put through a torturous makeup process, enduring funky hair, and coping with weird socks- will still eat at Awful Waffle with me. Thank you. 

Twiggy inspired. 

Fixing a sock turned elegant. 

 The juxtaposition I was referring to... meh.

Here I am apparently getting more creative with my contrast and exposure curves on cs.

(if I do this project to a more professional standard, I will title it this)


Thanks again girls!!

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