H O N E S T L Y  I can't believe I am even posting these photos on my blog... ugh! aksdjflkjsdflkjs! I wanted something very whimsical and almost creepy at the same time but my lighting was crap, my deadline was the next day, I had limited resources, I jacked up the settings on the camera, and I spent all my time cutting out all these stupid eyeballs from vogue and it took like three hours and I was just done done done done! Oh and I forgot to say that my editing is absurd! Anywho- excuses, excuses, I'll just suck it up and say that my start to my final project is not going very well at all. We were told to pick a theme, which when I hear theme my mind automatically goes into literary mode and I am back in sophomore AP lit reading Lord of the Flies. So I went with the theme "loss of innocence" because I feel like you can't get anymore universal than that and it is so broad that I could photograph almost anything and then come up with some way to tie it into the theme. So WHY, you may ask, did I choose this weirdness to start out with??! Bleh. I guess it can only get better right? Hope so. This week I'm photographing fruit. Wish me luck. 

Super big thanks to my roommate who put up with my madness and let me photographer her in practically the dead of night, in the creepy spare bedroom. Let us hope this weirdness is finally out of the creative system. 

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