A F T E R  a stressful afternoon of trying to get models and cameras and shiz together- things finally fell into place five minutes before the sun set.
With absolutely no natural light and hardly a location plan I set out with my impromptu model, Joy, my new friend (senior at BYU from China)- to discover whatever lie ahead in the great unknown.
After driving up a canyon in Alpine, realizing I needed a flash and tripod for proper nighttime photography, getting the equipment, realizing we desperately needed dinner else we starve, stopping at Blue Lemon, driving back up the canyon, realizing that there was no gas, driving back down the canyon, finding a gas station, getting gas, not wanting to go back up the canyon, and then driving to a closer place up in the middle of nowhere where Joy went paragliding once.
Everything took way too long, I felt like I wasted a ton of resources, but in the end we had heaps of fun  anyway.
On top of this paragliding foothill it was crazy dark ( like no light but the stars and I thought I was going to be murdered) and freezing (it doesn't help that I wear skirts and leather jackets).
I wasn't really thinking about props and outfit changes when I originally set out but it turns out that sometimes having a bunch of junk in your car isn't always a bad thing.
I think that all things considering, the shoot turned out pretty darn well.
Can't wait to shoot her Korean friends on Saturday!

Thanks again Joy!


Things got a little experimental near the end there.


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