S O  things have been all around just nuts and blogging pushed to the back of the priorities. I feel it a moral obligation now to play catch up. Like it or not. 

Firstly! I seemed to have missed one of my photo assignments ( I must share these because need criticism and ideas and perhaps someone looks at these and would comment so that I will not get worse but maybe improve!) The topic for the week was color and (how cliche) what better place to find it than around me in the gorgeous autumn outdoors. Not really thinking out of any boxes there but whatevs. 

Secondly! I finally got to go to my fave waffle truck! It had been like months and I was having a bad day soooo TREAT YO SELF and I got a waffle...with extra love. Not only did the guy make an effort to shape my waffle into a heart but he also felt that he needed to write his number on my hot chocolate. Gee- I live in Provo.

Thirdly! My favorite person finally got back from her adventures in Europe so in celebration we went on top of a mountain in the middle of the night and took some ridiculous photos, i.e. a typical reunion for Taylor and Meehanda. 

Despite popular rumors, I am not currently dating Aaron Tveit. Just thought I'd clear that up. (This does not mean we won't be dating in the future. Fingers crossed. Our children would be flawless and he would shave his face.)
Yep. It does not get any better than this people. Smize. 

And fourthly!
It is freezing almost. And I have the cutest cousins in the world. Namely, my "boyfriend",  Ryan or Freedom. What would I do without dat kid. 

Happy Fall Y'all.

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