T H I S  Halloween I went to a total of 6 parties and had 3.5 costumes and still had time to go trick-or-treating. A new record I would say.

Crashed a freshman dance:

I know a grand total of three of those people. I also didn't know it was a costume party but whatevs people thought I was T. Swift anyways.

Went to a really good dance party as a flight attendant:

Man oh man how I needed a party like this. There was like a gazillion people and I got to get down...which is always a good thing. Oh and I met this random guy that looked like Finn from Glee...naturally I documented.
 And then there was the night I was a villain with insane eyebrows:
Which was all good fun until my car got towed for parking in an empty parking lot for a couple hours at two in the morning. #provoproblems 

I got to spend some time with my Utah Fam on Halloween and that was way fun:

Excuse my cheesier than swiss face... I got to carve pumpkins and go trick-or-treating and help my cousins with their costumes...it was the best!

And then it was party-time again and my AZ girls and I hit the locals hard:

And we ended up at IN-N-OUT at two in the morning, ate too much, and regretted it instantly. 

That's my halloween folks.

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